What’s the Easiest Way to Get a U.S. Green Card?

Simultaneous recording is for the most part when the migrant appeal is documented simultaneously you record your application to get a Green Card. Realize what simultaneous recording is and what classifications are qualified to simultaneously document.

Visa Availability and Priority Dates

As a rule, Can I travel with ESTA application? there must be a visa accessible for you before you can apply for a Green Card. In certain classifications, visas are constantly accessible, while in others, there are a set number. Need dates are given to migrants holding up in line to get a settler visa and decide when a visa ends up accessible. Discover how to advise if a visa is accessible to you.

Travel Documents

Get familiar with if and when you can go outside the United States in the wake of applying for a Green Card or once you have a Green Card. You can likewise figure out how to apply for development parole, an evacuee travel archive, and a reemergence grant.

Business Authorization Document

Get familiar with on the off chance that you are qualified for work approval in the United States and how to apply for an Employment Authorization Document (EAD).

Migration Medical Examinations

Most applications for a Green Card necessitate that you experience a medicinal test. Find out about who must finish a medicinal test and the particular structures and systems that you should pursue when getting a restorative test.

Affirmation of Support

An affirmation of help is a structure that a support documents for your benefit when you are applying for a Green Card or worker visa. It is required for most however not all classifications of workers before they can turn into a perpetual inhabitant of the United States. The reason for the structure is to demonstrate that you have the money related intends to live in the United States without requiring welfare or budgetary advantages from the U.S. government. Decide whether you need an Affidavit of Support.

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