Vatican cancels football match with Vienna over anti-abortion protests

Vatican cancels football match with Vienna over anti-abortion protests

Spanish journalists call this a new hit in European sports marketing, which will give Real Madrid the position of the leader in the ranking of the best sponsorship contracts. Thanks to the new adidas deal, the profits of the Madrid club can go up to 150 million euros per year.

Currently, Los Blancosand adidas cooperate on the basis of an agreement concluded in 2012, which guarantees the club EUR 42 million per year in the form of a basic amount and 10 million recorded as variable.

To illustrate the scale of the new Real Madrid deal with adidas, let’s take the example of NBA clubs that have been supplying Nike since last year . The 8-year contract for 30 NBA teams with Nike is worth billions of dollars .

In other words, there are $ 125 million a year for 30 teams , or around 110 million euros . Exactly the same amount of adidas will pay to Real Madrid. As if that was not enough, Marca reports that in September the Kings extended the contract with Fly Emirates , thanks to which the club is now collecting from the airlines 70 million eurosannually.

This is three times more compared to the previous contract signed in 2012. For a better understanding of the situation, Barcelona gets 55 million Euros annually from Rakuten , and Manchester United from Chevrolet 62 million .

Negotiations of the marketing department of Real Madrid, headed by the club’s general manager, José Ángel Sánchez , with the German producer lasted for many years, and the talks were started with great differences between the two sides.

The Kings regarded themselves as a sports and marketing leader in the world of football, which was not reflected in the numbers recorded in the previous contract. The best moment in the history of the club, which won four of the last five Champions League games , played in favor of the madridians, who ultimately convinced the brand adidas to a new contract.You can get this right here without cost 먹튀.

Real Madrid and adidas have a new contract to be in effect from 2020 to 2030, based on which the Royal will earn 1.1 billion euros. This is the largest sponsorship agreement in history. Los Blancos will break the same adidas deal with Manchester United or Nike with Barcelona.

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