Members of the Ohio State football team sing

Members of the Ohio State football team sing

Even the history of both teams was as if in other worlds. Al-Ahly is the first team created during the reign of Great Britain by the Egyptians and for the Egyptians. Its name means “national”. She was also the first to express open opposition to foreign power and whose matches proved to be a perfect opportunity for revolutionary demonstrations.

Zamalek, in turn, a band founded by the French and Belgians, quickly became an international mix. Their rivalry is the story of the age-old struggle between the poor and the rich, the margin with the elites, the provinces of the city center, the rebels with the zealous.

When more than 70 fans were killed during a horror match in Port Said, it was said to be a punishment aimed at fans by dignitaries. When two dozen fans died at the stadium gates two weeks ago, they immediately mentioned political undertones. About the subtext that came from the fact that Al-Ahly sympathizers and Zamalek stood in the front row when the old regime was to overthrow.

We taught people how to throw bricks” – explained in an interview with CNN Ahmed, leader of the group Ultras White Knights associated with Zamalek. It is this collection of intransigent people with a radicalized mind that is afraid of fire. They have been organizing themselves since 2007, initially as apolitical and non-religious creations, they are now a forerunner of the opposition and a synonym of freedom.

This is a strange moment

It must have been very strange moments when the fans of Al-Ahly and Zamalek gathered together in the main square, known as the heart of Cairo, Tahrir. They were supposedly aroused by rebellion, when Mubarak’s rule came to be abolished. It is said that football fans played a key role then.For best services you can visit just goto UFABET.

For several years, he and his ilk have been in constant conflict with law enforcement and authorities. Not once, not two of them got stuck in their skin, probably the winter of 2011.

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