How do you know your diamond isn’t fake?

How do you know your diamond isn’t fake?

Grosvenor was an avid collector and a devotee of diamonds, but he did not enjoy the new purchase for a long time. Soon, Porter Rhodes again changed its owner and was transported to the United States. It was there that in the three decades of the twentieth century he was in possession of an influential American family.

Then, in 1987, the jewel went to a large collection belonging to Laurence Graff. The founder of the famous jewelery company Graff Diamonds of London again dealt with Porter Rhodes jewelery processing: he cut it to a mass of 54,04 carats and put it in the center of the platinum ring . In this form, the stone has survived to this day.

Characteristics of Porter Rhodes

After the jewelery treatment, the mass of this impressive nugget has diminished considerably – as we have already mentioned, a cut gem can boast of “just” more than 54 carats. In addition, the color of this diamond has been classified as D, and its purity is IF (internally flawless).

Porter Rhodes also has an extremely elegant, square asscher cut. He is particularly attracted to the lovers of the art deco style, but nowadays it is rare and, therefore, extremely highly valued.

Diamond type

Porter Rhodes is a completely colorless jewel, which is why it is considered a type IIa stone. Such ornaments constitute only 1-2% of all natural diamonds mined all over the world.

 They are perfectly clean both in chemical and structural terms, because such a crystal does not contain any deformations or chemical elements (eg nitrogen) responsible for the color of precious stones. It is not without reason that type IIa jewels (and therefore Porter Rhodes) are called the purest of the pure.

In 1925, a scandal broke out in India, in which the owner of Porter Rhodes was involved. The Maharaja was accused of having murdered one of the dancers from his can check here infomation about 鑽石等級.


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