Good place to buy a used engine?

The Proposed Safety Stop Locomotive Throttle To the Editor of the Scientific American:

In the correspondence division of your issue dated August nineteenth, on page 167, I saw an article by Aubrey D. Beidelman, of Braintree, Mass., headed: “The Bridgeport Railroad Wreck.”

In the last section of his Used Engines he offers the recommendation that the throttle and brake valve handle be given intends to consequently carry them to places that would close off the steam and apply the brakes in case of the specialist’s getting to be debilitated from any reason.

To cite from his article, “it would be important for the architect to apply some little weight on them” to avoid their activity as such. He questions if a gadget of this sort would be badly arranged. To my mind it would be intolerably so. In navigating a moving nation it is important for the engineman to oftentimes change the situation of the turn around switch, requiring the, utilization of in any event one and generally two hands.

It is now and again important for him to utilize the injector on his side of the motor

Because of the failure of the injector on the fire fighter’s side to convey adequate water to the heater. It’s anything but an inconceivable thing for an engineman to think that its important to fill the lubricator while out and about. Every one of these things require some investment; and keeping in mind that he was taking care of them, the steam would be stopped and the brakes connected, causing an extensive and unwanted decrease in speed.

• notwithstanding his physical obligations, he needs to remember the requests he has gotten, which administer his developments as for different trains that might be out and about, their gathering and passing focuses, and what time he has in which to make a given point before another train.

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