Another earthquake in Peru

Another earthquake in Peru

In the capital of the country, Lima, people ran out of their homes out of fear. Local reports say that in many cities of the Amazon, among others in Iquitos and Tarapoto there have been power outages.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra reported on social media that the authorities assessed areas affected by the earthquake and asked that the inhabitants remain calm.

Ecuador also felt shocks

The land also shook in Ecuador. The strongest shocks were recorded near the city of Yantzaza in the province of Zamora-Chinchipe. At least seven people were injured. The earthquake has led to mudslides and destroyed buildings.

Pole witnessed the quake

A Pole in the city of Tarapoto in northern Peru came to the editorial office of Kontakt 24 . Mr. Mateusz was a witness to the earthquake.

In the evening I felt strong shocks. The lights went out on the street, there was a burning sensation, as if some cables were burning. People were shouting. I felt that it was dangerous, I had problems with motor coordination. I saw people standing in the queue to the shelter, I stood with them.

We went to this shelter and there we received information on how to behave in the face of an earthquake, but all this was improvised – reported Mateusz. He added that the earthquake in this area was to be the strongest in 15 years.

I talked to local residents of Tarapoto, they said that quakes are relatively frequent, but not so strong. It was over 8 on the Richter scale, so quite a good result, which was also confirmed by local television – said Mr. Mateusz. – I am a traveler, a volunteer, I stay in Peru for two weeks. This quake was an incredibly interesting experience for me – added the interlocutor.Now take a look at how these features of earthquake warning bay area.

Another dangerous earthquake hit Peru in the last days. The shocks were felt in the capital, Lima, as well as in Callao, the most important port of the country. There are no signals about the victims, but the films documenting the phenomenon show serious damage.

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